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Customer Service
• Unrestricted commitment to our clients
• Involvement in every project by an MSC principal
• Independence, allowing for sole focus on our clients’ projects (not a platform to sell other services)

• Emphasis on communication so that our clients know what we are doing and why
• Redirection of any and all location bonuses from communities or developers to the benefit of our clients
• Policy not to pursue or accept economic development consulting assignments in locations that are under consideration by our siting clients

• For the values of our clients, and the responsibility we have in representing them
• For the stewardship role that states/provinces and communities have as part of their efforts in attracting and retaining investment and employment
• For each other here at MSC, creating a supportive and collegial environment that thrives on the unique strengths we each bring to the company, and striving to balance the demands of our profession with the rewards of a full personal life

• Maintaining a broad knowledge of successful location strategies
• Emphasizing the promotion of new ideas and finding value in them
• Committing to an operating environment that fosters innovation and nurtures its development

Leading-Edge Technology
• Maintaining in-house expertise in geographic information systems (GIS) technologies
• Supporting integration of GIS into all of our assignments and exploring new ways to leverage its value for our clients
• Managing technology as a powerful tool and avoiding the temptation to let it serve as a substitute for a sound and comprehensive site selection process

• Maintaining the goal of MSC, as a company, to be the best in our business
• Creating and maintaining an operating environment based on the principles of continuous performance improvement
• Conducting our business with an unrestrained passion for quality
MSC Circle of Values