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Site Selection Services

Site Selection  /  Incentives Negotiation  /  Economic Development

MSC provides site selection and incentives negotiation services to leading companies worldwide. Our consulting services benefit firms seeking locations for new facilities or relocating operations, as well as those managing location decisions for competitive expansions or selective consolidations. In addition, MSC’s services provide value to firms faced with the complex mix of location decisions resulting from planned or executed mergers and acquisitions.

MSC brings a proven process that provides a solid framework for a defendable location decision, while also allowing for the flexibility necessary to adapt to changing company elements and discoveries in the field.

MSC employs a four-phase process:

Phase I

• Define the project and its key decision criteria
• Identify and evaluate the search region
• Determine Areas of Interest
• Contact and request detailed proposals
• Perform a desktop evaluation of proposed properties
• Phase I concludes with the identification of Candidate Locations

Click here to download a sample MSC Site Selection GIS screening (pdf)

Phase II

• MSC field visits to Candidate Locations to assess:
   - Physical conditions (property, transportation/utility infrastructure, etc.)
   - Operating conditions (labor, taxes, utilities, etc.)
   - Community conditions (leadership, education, etc.)
• Mid-phase adjustment to the number of locations being considered
• MSC/client team field visits
• Detailed property/community evaluations
• Initial incentives negotiation
• Phase II concludes with the identification of Finalist Locations

Phase III

• Complete property investigations
• Conclude real estate/incentives negotiation with Finalist Locations
   - Evaluate incentives proposals
   - Prepare financial model
• Phase III concludes with the selection of the Preferred Location

Phase IV

• Finalize development agreement or memorandum of understanding
• Conclude the real estate transaction
• Facilitate a public company announcement of the selected location
• Provide post-announcement incentives support as needed

In the course of this activity, MSC will identify and evaluate a wide array of factors including, but not limited to, the following:

• Sites and/or building suitability
• Site preparation
• Utility infrastructure (availability, capacity, cost, reliability)
• Transportation infrastructure (road, rail, port, airport)
• Demographics (county, MSA, and custom drive-time areas)
• Labor markets (availability, quality, costs)
• Workforce training resources and delivery
• Education (primary, secondary, postsecondary)
• Taxes (state and local)
• Financing opportunities
• Quality of life (medical services, housing availability and cost, crime, etc.)
• Leadership and political climate
• Incentives

Extensive financial analyses are performed during the project. In the end, all strategic and operational aspects of the location decision are identified and addressed.

There will be extensive communication between MSC and our client team throughout the project. Our clients know what we are doing and why. Lastly, all of our assignments are executed with the highest level of confidentiality.

Site Selection Process

Site Selection

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